Ciao Mobile

Ciao Mobile is a Social Media service provider packaging community social networking, wireless broadband and commercial sponsorships in its offering. Our goal is to provide the best possible Social Media experience on mobile devices, i.e. computers and telephones, and to build for our clients ever growing social networking communities that meet their corporate goals.

Ciao Mobile´s technology and experience in Social Media, Wireless Networks and Marketing make us the ideal partner for companies wanting to lead in the new era of customer engagement and gain a significant competitive advantage in their markets. Our world leading Social Media platform hosts more than 250 corporate communities today that include companies such as Microsoft, HP, Home Depot, Stanford University, and the Kansas State Government.

Our "Ciao" name, inspired by our company vision, means "Hello" or "So Long" in Italian and represents the community bonds found in many an Italian neighbourhood. It is common for an Italian to take a walk around town and greet every single neighbor along the way, i.e. "Ciao Giuseppe", "Ciao Gabriella", "Ciao Giorgio". We believe that Ciao Mobile can help build those tighter community bonds, reminiscent of an Italian neighborhood, and in bringing community members closer together make their lives richer, more productive and more fulfilling.