Ciao Mobile can help your company break into the Social Media era, the new era of customer engagement.

As said by Interactive Advertisement Bureau, as of 2008 if youíre not in Social Media, youíre not on the Internet. Itís as true for businesses as it is for consumers. Social Media is the ultimate manifestation of user generated content (UGC), and as such, holds more potential for growth than any other form of content on the Web today.

UGC and social networks are transforming the media ecosystem. Gone are the days when power rested in the hands of a few content creators and media distributors. Gone are the days when marketers controlled the communication and path between advertisement and consumer. Todayís model is collaborative, collective, customized and shared.

In todayís world it is imperative that you engage your community of customers in a Social Media setting, and no better way to facilitate this engagement than to create your own Social Network. Create your communityís own Social Media playground complete with managed wireless broadband access on company premises or stores for your customers to fully experience Social Media. Ciao Mobile can help you build it.

Itís a world in which the consumer is the creator, consumer and distributor of content. Today there are over a billion content creators and hundreds of millions of distributors. The proliferation of quality, affordable technology and the popularity of Social Networks and UGC sites have forever changed the media landscape.

Every day, you're betting your business on its importance, whether you market your business using Social Media or not. You customers are talking to each other about your business via Social Media, and you can't control it. Either they're saying something great about you, or they're complaining to their friends about you.

They may do it by voting for or against a blog post that features your company. They may send each other recommendations for or against your company in their private, undiscoverable conversations. Or they're expressing themselves by barely mentioning you, which is actually worse than bad publicity Ė if you're not referenced in Social Media, you can't be found at all. At least bad stories can be linked to, quoted, passed along, documented and dealt with.

Donít let your company remain oblivious to the growing discussion. Let Ciao Mobile help you break into the Social Media era, the new era of customer engagement.